Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mapocosm?
How do I use Map Explorer?
  • Just tap the golden triangle at the top title bar. That will pull down a context menu, and is exactly the same action as the Android context button. The blue back button in the title bar will bring you back to the previous screen, just like the Android back button.
Can I create my own maps?
What is a KML file?
What websites are being searched to find maps?
  • Map Explorer will search the following websites:
Why these websites? Can I search other websites?
  • These websites are known to host a wide selection of interesting maps rendered as KML files. If you know of other websites that you would like to include in the search because they have great maps, please send a comment! The website must be able to export their maps as KML files.
  • Map Explorer Pro (paid version) will allow you to enter a link to any KML file on any website, or to transfer KML files by a local download or as an email attachment.
Can I open any KML file with Map Explorer?
  • Maybe. KML is based on XML and is a very flexible and rich language. Some KML features are not supported by Map Explorer, and some websites may build KML expressions that may not be interpreted correctly. The primary features that are supported are: points of interest, routes, and shapes. Map Explorer will render any map created in Google Maps with high fidelity.
What devices are supported?
  • Map Explorer currently runs on Android devices. Map Explorer for iPhone is in development.

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