Map Explorer

Map Explorer is a mobile app for exploring and sharing custom maps, published by Mapocosm. While the Google "Maps" mobile app lets you see the features that Google has defined, Map Explorer lets you see all of the maps that others have defined - even your own maps!

Map Explorer Release 1.1 is now available for Android on Google Play

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Feature Comparison
Map Explorer
(free version)
Map Explorer Pro
(paid version)
Search websites for maps (KML files)  Also directly enter the URL for a map on any website 
Download found maps to your device Also transfer maps (KML files) by downloading or email attachment
Request an update to the current map Set weekly or monthly request to check for map updates
Store up to 8 maps on your device Unlimited map storage
Manage maps in internal storage  Optionally use external (SD card) storage
Explore the details of points of interest, including descriptions, photos, and links to websites, email, and phone numbers Also optionally download photos to device for faster browsing or offline exploration
Show and enlarge photos in the descriptions  for points of interest same
Show your current location on the map same
Track the map to follow your location same
Search nearby your location or any point of interest same
Sort search results by distance or rating same
Show search results on the map, get directions, or show location details from Google Places same
Filter points of interest (to appear or hide) based on icon type same
Display standard map background or satellite view same
Get directions to any point of interest or any result of searching nearby same
Show directions route on the map or get a text listing same
Select walking, biking, or driving directions same
Select directions to avoid tolls or highways same
From a point of interest: get directions; search nearby; bring up Google navigation; transfer to street view; view the location directly in Google Maps same

Screenshot Tour of Features

Explore new maps (KML files) with points of interest, routes, and shapes. 

List the points of interest, filter, and select interesting features.

The main menu has options to explore the map, search nearby, find more maps on the Internet, and more.

Explore the detailed information describing the points of interest. Websites and phone numbers are active links.

View and expand photos.

Search nearby your current location or any point of interest.

Options for exploring points of interest include getting directions, searching nearby, street view, and other location-based services.

Switch to satellite view.

Search websites for interesting new maps to explore.

Manage lists of your favorite maps kept downloaded on your device.

Many settings allow you to customize your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Map Explorer?
  • Just tap the golden triangle at the top title bar. That will pull down a context menu, and is exactly the same action as the Android context button. The blue back button in the title bar will bring you back to the previous screen, just like the Android back button.
Can I create my own maps?
What is a KML file?
What websites are being searched to find maps?
  • Map Explorer will search the following websites:
Why these websites? Can I search other websites?
  • These websites are known to host a wide selection of interesting maps rendered as KML files. If you know of other websites that you would like to include in the search because they have great maps, please send a comment! The website must be able to export their maps as KML files.
  • Map Explorer Pro (paid version) will allow you to enter a link to any KML file on any website, or to transfer KML files by a local download or as an email attachment.
Can I open any KML file with Map Explorer?
  • Maybe. KML is based on XML and is a very flexible and rich language. Some KML features are not supported by Map Explorer, and some websites may build KML expressions that may not be interpreted correctly. The primary features that are supported are: points of interest, routes, and shapes. Map Explorer will render any map created in Google Maps with high fidelity.
What devices are supported?
  • Map Explorer currently runs on Android devices.

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