Tweets On A Map

Tweets On A Map is a mobile app that lets you create Tweet Routes and see Twitter search results on a map. Now on Google Play.

About Tweet Routes

Tweet Routes are a way for you to automatically track your position as you move by sending tweets on your Twitter account. Each Tweet Route will have a unique hash tag assigned to it, which you can use for searching Twitter and sharing your Tweet Routes with others.When starting a Tweet Route, you will select the minimum interval for sending tweets - updates will not be sent any faster than this, and you must move more than 1/2 km (1640 ft) to register a new update. Faster updates may increase power consumption.

Note that the accuracy of your Tweet Route is only as good as the GPS device in your smartphone. The reporting of locations is based on Google Geocoder, and cannot be more accurate than your GPS unit reports. There will often be delays when a GPS unit is locking, so the actual updates may take longer than you expect. You may switch to other apps while a Tweet Route is in progress, and you may even exit Tweets On A Map however this may result in less predictable timing of location measurement.

Searching for Tweets

Searches on Twitter will be geographically filtered to the region that is showing on the map when you make the search request. You will only see tweets that report precise location. Clicking on a tweet icon presents full detail about the tweet and its sender, giving you options such as retweeting. Searching will not be geographically constrained when you click on a link in such a tweet detail page, such as a #hashtag or @username link.

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